Friday, January 17, 2014

Peacock Walls? Oh yes...

Every so often I need a dose of peacock love.
While I've shared their iridescent beauty in the past, here is an up-to-date version that Miles Redd just worked on.

The wall is actually covered with a custom-created peacock feather wallpaper made by his crew. Lots of patience, no?

Here are a few of my past peacock favs...

An illustration from a vintage children's book

Another peacock feather wall with accompanying colored trim and ceiling

And lastly, the crème de la crème
 (and unfortunately now unavailable):

 What's caught your attention?



  1. Hello Annie

    The first bathroom is so exotic and the illustration is beautifully executed.
    There is a peacock who lives just a few blocks from here and we see him often when we paint in that area.
    My heart always skips a beat when he crosses my path.
    Helen xx

  2. I love the illustration. We have peacocks in the park near here and they are a delight to see. Jane x

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  6. Ooooh Annie I've returned to Blogland and you don't seem to be here hopefully just having a break too
    Fay xx

  7. Very nice!

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