Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello there!

Hello everyone!

Yes, I am surfacing after a long hiatus... to ask your help.

While I've been away, I have been thinking about starting a new project that will allow me to follow one of my life-long passions: scents and perfumes. I am seriously considering opening a fragrance shop in my hometown of Cleveland to finally bring a specialized scent shop that focuses on niche fragrances not carried in department stores, but rather unique scents with the focus on celebrating the art of the scent.

I am in the research phase at this time and have developed a quick questionnaire.

If you would be so kind, simply fill out the form and click Submit.

Thank you in advance! I'll share the survey results with you as soon as I am able.


  1. Annie, so happy to see your return. Goodness, I was worried about you. But, I know with Spring around the corner you'll soon be showing us your lovely garden. xx's

  2. Recently I was lamenting about missing my regular contact with you via our blogs! You new career sounds very interesting. Completing the survey reminded me of some scents of my childhood that I seldom smell now, such as violets and lily-of-the-valley. Bonne chance

  3. Well hello, how was your break? It sounds like it was very productive to say the least. I love the idea of a little shop that celebrates not only the scents uniqueness but also a persons. It is a brilliant idea.

    PhD by Publication by Annie



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