Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspired Ideas

Sharing with you creatively cool ideas in design from around the world...

Leather is used more and more in unexpected ways; the London and LA based company, TING, has re-invented the leather belt by sourcing reclaimed leather and vintage belts from London, Paris and LA. Is this a gorgeous floor or what?

 TING leather flooring

Here the vintage belts are assembled as a part of a door pull.

A new Portuguese company, Reve d'Or, is creating gilded screens in fabulous colors. 

With a varnished, high gloss finish, they reflect beautifully and are well protected.

 Love this happy wall of humble, curated tiles. One could even begin collecting tiles as a rather unconventional gift.  
(Of course, those copper pans are stunning in their own right.)

Chameleon Fine Lighting custom created this crystal chandelier for interior designer, Jarlath Mellett. Simple, elegant, fun.

Last, but not least, I think if I were to walk into this room, with its high ceilings and sophisticated decor, I would wish to stay for a while.



  1. Good Morning Annie

    What a breath-taking post. I adore the use of leather and the room dividers are wonderful.
    The room in the latter picture is most inviting

    Helen xx

  2. So wonderful to see that incredible door in this lovely post.The door is from the Aug/Sept issue of Interiors magazine. Here is the article with the designer and more details and resources, etc.

  3. Thanks, JoAnn, for your thoroughness!
    I am always sure to give credit and links to my sources at the end of the post. Each photo (unless it is my own) is assigned a number and is linked back to the source.

  4. Its great to come home from France and back on line to find another inspiring blog from you Annie. There was no reliable internet in our village and the mobile phone service used to drop out unexpectedly. I trust you are well and your new venture is progressing nicely.
    Gros bisous

  5. I adore that leather flooring, just showed it to my son who pointed out that it must be a great sound absorber too!

  6. That belted door is to die for..... Nice to see you again!

  7. The leather belt door and floor are amazing!

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