Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Materials Focus

Loved this couch- such a happy, fun look. 
Then I noticed the walls. 
Would you do this in your home?

As we all know, lighting is everything. Lately I am drawn to simplicity. LED strip lights formed into several circles- brilliantly understated, definitely contemporary and full of potential to form interesting gobo effects in the room.

OK, so we all cannot have a rolled steel staircase. But why not have a silver leaf staircase? I'd probably go with aluminum leaf and age it a bit. Actually, I can't wait to do this! 

I am into screens. They are so versatile, especially when created in smaller panels. When I saw this Venetian plaster wall, it occurred to me to make a screen with the iced black VP on one side and a white gold VP on the other. Two looks, one screen.

Elitis, the French wallpaper company, has fabulous wallpapers. This is the Paso doble  variation of their "Tenue de soirée" wallpaper. So you can't quite afford to bring this in from France, but perhaps you could use a stencil to give a similar effect. Go with a metallic background with a flat design or have a flat background with a metallic design. Either way, it will certainly become a compliment receiver!

Do you have a favorite? 


Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspired Ideas

Sharing with you creatively cool ideas in design from around the world...

Leather is used more and more in unexpected ways; the London and LA based company, TING, has re-invented the leather belt by sourcing reclaimed leather and vintage belts from London, Paris and LA. Is this a gorgeous floor or what?

 TING leather flooring

Here the vintage belts are assembled as a part of a door pull.

A new Portuguese company, Reve d'Or, is creating gilded screens in fabulous colors. 

With a varnished, high gloss finish, they reflect beautifully and are well protected.

 Love this happy wall of humble, curated tiles. One could even begin collecting tiles as a rather unconventional gift.  
(Of course, those copper pans are stunning in their own right.)

Chameleon Fine Lighting custom created this crystal chandelier for interior designer, Jarlath Mellett. Simple, elegant, fun.

Last, but not least, I think if I were to walk into this room, with its high ceilings and sophisticated decor, I would wish to stay for a while.



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