Friday, June 15, 2012

Gilded Beauties

While doing research for an upcoming project including gilding on glass, I came across the beautiful works of artist Jan Maitland. She works in two mediums, pastels and glass. On the glass, she uses the verre églomisé technique, which is the art of painting and gilding on the reverse side of the glass.

"Mardis Gras" Bowl  Verre Eglomisé

Designs may be hand painted or decoupaged, then 23 Karat gold leaf, fine silver or copper leaf are applied and sealed. The leaf can also be engraved. 

Square Nugget Bowl  Verre Eglomisé

She was first drawn to the verre églomisé technique when she visited the studio of  master glass artist Marco Toso Borella, in Murano, Italy. “I was inspired by his work on gilded glass and application of Gustav Klimt motifs. I knew immediately that I had to explore this exciting medium."

Glass Hors D'oeuvre Platter In a Millefiori with 23-Karat Gold Leaf Design
Verre Eglomisé

Glass Bowl In White Gold and Blue Patina  Verre Eglomisé

You can visit her website here and her Etsy shop here.



  1. So beautiful and skilfully created. Your blogs never ceases to amaze and inspire me. If you are up to it and want to stay for a week or 2 in France in August there will be a spare bed. I could do with a touch of your inspiration!

  2. Oh so elegantly designed, these works of art are stunning Annie!!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

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