Sunday, June 10, 2012


I am not one for fashion. 
I barely give the spring and fall fashion shows a thought. While I like to look in style, the up-to-the-minute fashions often look a bit absurd, especially on the boney models that look like they can barely make it down the runway. 
So it surprised me when I received Bergdorf Goodman's latest magazine book
Moi? Pourquoi?

Curiously, I opened the "book" and began to leaf through it. Then I actually starting to read it. Chuckling to myself, I thought that some of the writing wasn't bad. Reading the Mysteries of the Eyebrow was amusing and I started to contemplate my own eyebrow regimen. Was it enough?

Well, I made it all the way through. 
Granted I skimmed most of it, but I have to admit I actually enjoyed it. 
I could even see myself wearing the Low-Heeled Oxford from Jason Wu (if I ignored the price).

These Manolo Blahnik "Cusani" sandals (not on their website yet) made me smile

Akris' pretty Tree-Print Wool Coat, digitally printed

CÉLINE "Trapeze" bag (not on website yet)

Cute double-breasted trench coat by Gucci (not on website yet) 

What did you think of the articles?



  1. Hello Annie

    The tree print coat is beautiful and a timeless piece. I love it

    Thanks for this interesting post


  2. I thought this was a vintage publication, due to the first photo, until I saw Jason Wu's shoes, and had to scroll back to clarify! It's amazing how I can pick up a magazine from 12 years ago, and save the ads, it could be from today's newsstands! Off to grab the 10x mirror...and tweezers...

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!! Ahem, sorry. Had to control myself. I love Bergdorfs, I love Barneys, I love Fashion and all the wee children that surround her. Does that translate well to life? Not always. :) [Except for the Eyebrow. That's A Must. I smiled along with her fun, informative article. Thanks for the "book" link.]



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