Thursday, May 3, 2012

Villa Sorra

Beautiful frescoes. Baroque architecture. Lots of scrolls and cartouches. 
These make me happy.

The World of Interiors recently featured Villa Sorra as a backdrop for the contemporary furniture of the Milan furniture fair, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, providing quite a contrast between the old and the new.

Villa Sorra is located near Modena, Italy, in the town of Castelfranco Emilia. The building dates back to around 1800 as is most noted for its exceptional gardens. Villa Sorra is an outstanding example of Emilian baroque architecture, based on a design by Giuseppe Antonio Torri.

There is not a single wall I don't like. 
It is awaiting restoration; hopefully the frescoes will be left alone!

Which is your favorite?



  1. Dear Ann, My sentiments exactly. I hope that they leave the Frescoes alone. Unlike Villa Barbaro in the Veneto where some of the"restoration" ruined what were beautiful works of art. Have a great weekend. ox, Gina

  2. Ah.... it is gorgeous exactly the way it is....I am with you hopefully the patina of age isn't disturbed....what I would give to see it now and walk through with a looks a dream!

  3. They are all beautiful, but the geometric pattern surrounding the panel is a standout for me.

  4. Such beauty. I do hope they retain the frescoes. As your new following I am looking forward to your visit and comments


  5. ALL! Absolutely all of them are my favorite! :)



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