Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kips Bay Showhouse Highlights

Blogfest 2012 is now history! It was an incredible experience organized by the the most generous folks at Kravet  /Lee Jofa / Brunschwig & Fils.  Their attention to detail was amazing; they were zealous in making sure the attendees lacked for nothing. 

One of my favs was visiting the famed 2012 Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse. It was a who's who of interior designers and lived up to every preconceived notion that I had. This year's location was a total change from previous years as it was not only on the West side of town, but was held in a very modern double penthouse rather than a luxuriously traditional townhouse on the Upper East Side.

Yes, green is the color of the moment. In every tone you can imagine. And, yes, lacquered walls are very much still with us. Look at the smoothness the painters were able to achieve in Thom Felicia's "Gallery" room:

In the dining room by Todd Alexander Romano, the wonderful combination of deep colors were accented by a fab silver (probably aluminum leaf or it would have tarnished by now) leaf painting.

The leaf was actually loose and fluttering away- an interesting idea.

Walking into the kitchen, the charming lineup of phaleanopsis orchids pulled you in from the room's amazing views.

The penthouse rooms were rather plain boxes to start off with. Designer Brian Del Toro decided to add wall interest by introducing panels of marmorino Venetian plaster, separated by smooth, polished strips of Venetian plaster. 

The color was yummy... and not green! Refreshing. OK, there were plenty of green accents though.

The iconic Charlotte Moss chose a pretty green grasscloth to become the companion walls to her boxwood wall with its own porthole. Ms. Moss was there in person, greeting the bloggers graciously.

Alexa Hampton's deeply colored "Dragon's Breath" lacquered walls and beautifully traditional decor was stunning. We met Alexa the next day and, believe me, she is one girl you would love to have at your party. She's got the best sense of humor!

Fun idea- the chalkboard wall in a hall. The mural was done by Andrew Tedesco Studios.

I think this next room was my favorite. Very small and cozy with very light cream, polished Venetian plaster walls, it was a private sanctuary designed by Raji Radhakrishnan, who was also fun to meet in the room. She greatly enlarged two photos of her favorite paintings, filling an entire wall with one and using the other above the fireplace. 

Great idea- if you don't use the overhead light, replace it with a sculpture.

I should have known- the meticulous Venetian plaster was done by Judy Mulligan and her crew. (See more of her work here.) The walls and ceiling were subtly stunning.

This is the second photo...

In this digital age, the possibilities are endless- another wall of photos, separated into panels. Very effective and full of possibilities.

Scott Sanders' "The Cabana" room was fun and full of surprises. The color combos were smashing together and so lively. The sofa and curtain fabric is a newly colored re-issue of a vintage Scalamandre fabric.

The Phillip Jeffries grasscloth is "Split Pea" Juicy Jute grasscloth. Lime green and aqua- one of my favorite combinations.

Last, but not least, metallics are still alive. This foyer's Venetian plaster wall, designed by Timothy & Associates, was topped with a translucent silver to great effect.

And this sublime silver leaf ceiling really added to the calmness of the room.

It was a lot to take in!

What is your favorite detail?

[6,9,13,14 Photos by Alexa Stevenson]


  1. Wow, wish I was there. Thank you for sharing some of the details with us.

  2. I think Thom Felicia's poison green lacquer ceiling would be my call. LOVE this wrap-up, Ann. SO glad you were there!

  3. Love seeing all these images - especially the close-ups. Really wish I could make it to Kips Bay this year. I met Alexa Hampton once and agree w/you, she has a terrific personality.

  4. I am a little late to the party here but I love coming to visit your blog and indulge myself with the gorgoeus imagery. Love that Bi-finished Venetian plaster.




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