Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gossamer Weaves

I am fascinated by the gossamer metallic weaves of textile designer Sophie Mallebranche. Her innovative, 100% metal woven fabrics combine industrial materials such as stainless steel, copper and brass threads. Linen, silk and cotton threads may also be added. Sophie Mallebranche's "fabrics" catch the light, as well as let it shine through.  

Ms. Mallebranche graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré and shortly thereafter won the  Talents à la Carte prize in 1999. Her beautiful metal fabrics have garnered her quite a following, with customers such as Guerlain, Plaza Athénée and the Chanel building in Tokyo.

 In 2008, Sophie joined forces with the prestigious Toiles de Mayenne mills (founded in 1806) to industrialize the fabric's manufacturing process. Before the collaboration with the mill, producing just 4cm of woven fabric took an hour. Now the fabric is woven at 2 meters per hour using fully adapted industrial equipment to weave the metals on a large scale.

Presently, Sophie and her partner, Guillaume Danset, run the Material Design Group with the goal to produce and create innovative materials. "Most of the time I bring something theatrical to the space. At that level, my creations can be considered to be architectural elements or interior textures. My starting point is to make an interesting response to the space. Then I concentrate on the joy of experimentation until I find solutions that may surprise myself."*

Some of her stunning work:


Ateliers Sophie Mallebranche
20 rue de l’abbé de l’épée
75005 Paris
06 22 19 72 03


  1. Hello Annie
    Her fabric have taken my breath away. This is design at a level I have not seen before.
    The use of her fabric in the cathedral is stunningly beautiful. Wish churches in North America would choose some of her fabrics. They are beyond fabric, I would say they are pieces of art and will be heirloom pieces hundreds of years from now.

    Thank you for this introduction to Ateliers Sophie Mallebranche


  2. another luscious discovery! thank you for sharing this talent..even just the word "gossamer" makes me think of exquisite luxury!

  3. Fabulous! Another great resource you have introduced us to. Thank you Annie. Check out Luminex, a woven fiber optic fabric from Zuzka for Fabricology, Inc. It is available woven with fine metallic strands in gold and silver.


  4. Oo, that's just gorgeous. I love the way the light refracts and plays amongst the gossamer threads and fibres.


  5. hi! where can i buy these beautiful panels??? They are to die for!



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