Sunday, May 6, 2012

Garden Royalty

Early by approximately two weeks, the tree peonies were at their peek this past week. 
Their colors are softly bright, their blooms are very large saucers, averaging between 6"-10". 
In our garden, they truly are the royalty of the flowers with their beauty and elegance.

 Tree peonies are hardy in zones 4-9, but are relatively rare in our area. I have never been able to figure out why that is. They admittedly are not inexpensive, but their eventual size (of a medium to large bush) and number of blooms make them well worth the investment. The plants can live for many decades with proper care.

We grow them in various light conditions, but they are happiest in dappled shade.

This is the lavender shade.

In the back border, the red tree peony stands right before the burgundy Japanese maple.

Our yellow (a greenish yellow) tree peony.

Pretty in pinks:

Do you grow tree peonies? I'd love to see them!


  1. Those colours are tooo fabulous!

  2. Hello Ann,

    Your peonies are fabulous! I have also peonies in my garden but for the moment they are 25cm tall. Is still to cold for the moment overhere :(

    Have a wonderful week

  3. Dear Ann, your peonies and your photographs are spectacular. Wow, what a show!

  4. Fantastic peonies, the colours are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them!

  5. Hi Ann! I have to come back and spend the day getting deep into your blog!! The only problem makes me want to do too many new things!!! Love your tree peonies! mine finally gave me TWO buds this year!!! (it's about 4 yrs old). And to think every nursery tried to convince me to abandon herbaceous for the "easier" tree peony! XO Trish



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