Monday, April 16, 2012

Wisteria Lane

Last weekend's warmth rewarded us with amazing blooms. 
Have you ever had the chance to smell wisteria? 
I have never grown wisteria, but it sure captured my attention as I walked past the blooming vines at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. Not only because of its unique beauty, but also because of its grape-like scent. Wow!

Just a few feet away, the white tulips caught the intense sunshine 
and looked like they were lit from within.  
They just glowed.


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  2. beautiful wisteria!! purple and gold complement each other so well. God knew the color wheel really well!!

  3. Intoxicating... This is a special world. Thanks for sharing your beauty and bliss

  4. the Botanic Garden is so glamorous!

  5. Hi Annie, Just found your lovely blog today. The Wisteria looks gorgeous. I am sure the smell is as wonderful as it gets. There are Wisteria blooming all over London at present alas the poor specimen I have planted in my garden is refusing for the second year to delight my senses but I hear they can take a couple of years to settle in. So for now i can gaze at your wonderful photos.



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