Sunday, April 1, 2012


This being Sunday, I am doing very little work work. 

I mean, there is a difference between the kinds of work we do, isn't there? For me, there is the job work, the house work, the garden work and the web work. In all honesty, the web work is usually fun ( and it is very easy to get distracted...). Garden work can go either way, but as long as it's not extremely tedious, like pulling weeds to perfection before a party, I'm good with it. House work is rewarding- when you actually see the transformation from yucky windows to shiny clean, when you know you can walk barefoot on the floor after you've vacuumed and washed it. I like a clean house, but am not anal about it. I haven't met too many gardeners who are. The job work is fun when it is a job well done. When you are proud of the time and effort you put into it and the client is happy.

This bathroom, with its tiles and mirror and chandelier, would make me very happy.

So, getting back to Sunday, I am treating today as a day of doing what is fun. 

What are you doing this Sunday?



  1. Annie, THAT powder room/bathroom is simply to DIE for. I love every single thing about it, especially opening to the outside. Love you & see you again on Tuesday...

  2. Hi Dear Annie
    Hope you had a lovely lazy Sunday...

    Love the splashes of turquoise in this room and the crazy ornate mirror.. and of course opening onto the courtyard is quite fab...

    Have fun,. ciao ciao xxx Julie [ps you can pop over and do my housework next?]

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  4. What do you call those bathroom tiles you've used? I like everything in this bathroom, from bathroom fixtures to the accessories. I think this was designed professionally.

    bathroom fixtures NY



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