Monday, April 30, 2012

Stroll Around the Garden

We have been blessed with perfect spring weather for the last month- not too hot, managed to escape any frosts. The two week warmth we had in March accelerated the growth of the foliage and blooms and they have been slowly opening and remaining in the cool weather. Nice!

Here are my three favorite tulips. Unfortunately, I did not keep the name tags of the tulips, so I can't give you that information. (I know, my bad.)

I wish you could see this parrot tulip in person. The color is amazing- somewhere in between coral and red- maybe like watermelon?

Here is another parrot tulip in the deepest of burgundy. It looks different, depending upon the time of day and amount of sunshine. The first is early morning as the sun is rising, the second as you look into the blooms and the third is early evening, sitting in front of some bright pink tree peonies.

Lastly, here is a graceful, softly colored, very smooth looking tulip. When it opens itself to the sun, it turns into a totally different shape.

This is its early morning coloration, followed by two different views of the blooms in early evening.

Are your tulips still blooming?


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