Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Amethyst

Viewing this lovely table setting by Liz O'Brien in the May issue of HB reminded me of why I love the color amethyst.

The white anemones with black centers + sweet peas = gorgeousness.

How about a pair of vintage perfume bottles to coordinate? Don't they look like they belong on that table?


We liked amethyst so much we added damask panels in a custom metallic amethyst to our living room walls a few years ago. We still love them.

Mother Nature rewards us with lovely flowers in the same color vein. 


Lilac Sensation

Clean and contemporary in a classic setting

Are you an amethyst fan?



  1. Hi Annie:

    I too love the color of amethyst! That table setting is yummy . . . loved it! I especially loved the anemones in white with the black centers. They seemed to have added a sense of depth to the table. Lovely little post.

    Mary Anne ox

  2. Love it!! especially the dining table all ready for a dinner party... beautiful color



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