Friday, April 13, 2012

Second Act

Just the kind of eclectic home that I appreciate. The exterior reminds me of both an Italian and French villa, except that this home is in New Jersey.

Owners Andrea Filippone and William Welch actually combined the four run down barns on their 35 acre property to create their home and showroom for their company, Tendenze Design.

They have devoted more than 10 acres to an all-organic, pesticide-free landscape. In June, they will host "Earthly Delights," an event for rare-plants enthusiasts and garden-antiques dealers.

Below is the 800 square foot orangery, which was added onto a 1970's era reclaimed greenhouse. 

Love the bluestone-top table in the outdoor dining area below.

The courtyard's dramatic boxwood hedges are just one reason why the home is often rented for photo shoots.

One can dream once in a while...



  1. Hello,

    This house is just perfect for me. Everthing looks so sereen and perfect. Maybe, a little bit to perfect :)

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear.

  2. Dear Annie, I could move right into this beautiful home. I love the interiors most of all and admire the restraint that was used in furnishing the house with only the very best.

  3. Glamorous home. Thank you so much for sharing. I love this garden look - from the Garden State. and oh, I loved your lone tulip photo showing it trying valiantly to show off :)



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