Saturday, April 28, 2012

Outdoor Artistry

As far as the garden goes, I usually prefer a more natural approach. We rarely clip any bushes unless it is to keep them in a tidy state, but almost always within their natural bounds.  All of our bushes are hand-pruned- no bush wackers are allowed!

There are exceptions.

This collection of boxwood and taxus on an estate in the Dordogne area of France is quite extraordinary and a perfect accent to the home. I imagine they require at least a full time gardener.

Doesn't it look like they spilled a bag of marbles round bushes?

An Alice in Wonderland feel here, eh?

These bushes look like part of a puzzle expertly pieced together.

The reflection is even more compelling than the clipped bushes themselves. I wonder how often they need to drag the ladder out to prune them?

I am always up for an allée of trees, or in this case, an allée of trunks...

This is a nice end destination on the estate of the Castle of Leeuwergem in Belgium.

And how cool are these moss boulders? I wonder how long it took them to reach this state?

Are you into the clipped bush look?



  1. Normally, I would count myself among those who like the more natural approach but LOVE all your pics today!

  2. Oh YES!! I'm very much into the clipped look and busy to keep my 16 bux "balls" and others in shape! Just love the 'round' architectural look whole year round.

    Beautiful images! You have to tell me Ann, where in the Dordogne this Chateau is, love to visit it.
    Thanks for all the pictures, you lighten up a gray and raining Sunday!

    Many greetings, karin

  3. Hello Annie
    I do try to clip my bushes but they always end-up looking very lop-sided. I wonder if there are any tricks to achieving such perfect spheres.
    The moss covered rocks just look after themselves: perfect laid-back gardening.


  4. I am also a huge admirer of wild natural explosions of nature but these interesting poetic garden arrangements a la francaise are very lovely.

  5. Well, Annie, I prune with manicure sissors. I love the order, the pristine-ness of the gardens so very much. I have a friend who prefers the English-type garden and when I'm at her home I feel a huge compelling urge to go outside and clean up. :)'s

  6. Absolutely exquisite. They remind me of the tulips I just saw at Keukenhof. xo Jenny



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