Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nature's Artwork

I, am a gardener. From the heart.
As you can imagine, for me- spring is a season like no other.
 I think because of its hope and promise, 
I cheer on the tiniest bud amazingly poking out of hard, brown wood.

Spring also makes me chuckle- just look at this gal with her hat.

Early morning brings great rewards to those of us crazy enough to go for a walk in the garden. Sometimes the light is just right- to catch the dewdrops looking like glass beads.

I love discovering the buds. They can be easy to pass right by.

Have you ever wondered what part of that aggressive wisteria plant you want to keep? The part that flowers.... here they are. Its hands. If you prune these off, you've pruned off the wisteria's prize blooms.

These average looking leaves are the precursor to the incredible, huge flowers of the tree peony. Not to be confused with the peony that we all know and love. Check back in about three or four weeks and I'll show you what I mean.

                 A more unusual flowering bush with such dainty blooms...

The flower buds and opening flowers of the holly:

And my favorite of the day- this darling little miniature daffodil.

How is your garden growing?

And now, I invite you stop on over to Splenderosa's monthly By Invitation Only party to see what spring means around the world.


  1. Oh, I so know what you mean, Annie. Each day I go out to check on the growth of the crepe myrtles, which grow inches overnight. Just so beautiful. Budding life, filled with promise. Thank you for joining the other participants for our monthly celebration. This is just SO much fun !! xx's

  2. This is it what makes spring so exiting! The new buds which prove the 'rebirth' in nature. Every day holds a new surprise for us!

    You show it here in the most perfect way, Ann! Thank you!!!! A simply wonderful post! With all the pictures - taken with love!

  3. A beautiful spring Annie... I can't wait to see those tree peonies... xv

  4. Oh, to live in your climate...!! Here in So Cal, there isn't a lot of difference in Spring and the rest of the year, but I do have deciduous trees and some seasonal flowers. I am so excited this year, though, about my newly planted David Austin Roses. I can't believe it, one of them has a bud on it already. Wow, what a precious gift of Spring that flower will be!
    xoxo, Chris

  5. Spring is indeed the time for great beauty and hope as plants rebirth after the winter months. I love your visions of Spring...... and of life in general.

  6. I am a fellow garden walker. Armed with a cup of coffee in one hand and a camera in another I take great pleasure breathing in spring! YOu have so beautifully captured the essence of spring! So glorious!
    I am a new follower and a fellow by invitation only gal!

  7. Wow. Such beautiful work. True Spring.

  8. Hi Annie. How beautiful and whimsical your pics with the gal with the hat. I love people with an eye like yours to see the unusual, just shows your intimate connection to nature and your garden. And now I understand you saying how it helped to heal, it's a wonderful gift that we have to find solace in our gardens. There is always a cheery and encouraging plant or bloom. Thank for your kind comment and visit. I need to make a mental note to come back and look at that open tree peonie bloom!!!! Also the Buttercup Winterhazel is gorgeous... Sadly I lost my Dogwood to my Labradoe who never digs out plant until they are just sticks and then he thinks they are fair game!! I think I am going to pot the next one!!


  9. I would love to spend Spring in the garden with YOU. You could certainly teach me so much. We would laugh and talk and have so much fun. XO, Mona

  10. Your pictures are stunning Ann, and how lovely is that buttercup winterhazel, I had never seen that before. YOu obviously got up early to take the shots and it was worth it!
    best wishes



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