Monday, April 23, 2012

The Houses of Veranda

Stunning colors. Sophisticated style. Patinas, flowers, details, design.
If you are a Veranda fan, The Houses of Veranda will not disappoint. The long-awaited, just-published book by Veranda's founding editor, Lisa Newsom, is a visual treat. I happen to be one of their half a million subscribers who appreciate the visual treats that Veranda offers.

What a photo- the green just flows.

Quintessential Saladino

Groin vault ceiling perfection

Scrumptious plaster walls

 Pure and lovely

Even the monochromatic speaks confidently.

Furniture with patina plus

I managed this far not to display the ever-so-famous gorgeous wood paneling that Veranda introduced us to... but, here it is... on the book cover!



  1. I know, isn't it beautiful & wonderful. It will be out on my table for a very very very long time.
    Love you, Annie....

  2. transporting images. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think that the Veranda magazine might be one of the best US interior magazines (not knowing the others). Unfortunately it's not available here.

  4. I am a super fan of veranda houses. I agree, the Houses of Veranda will not disappointing at all. It makes my day perfect when I am staying our veranda.

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  5. It always looks nice to have an ancient type of design making your house look unique in today's society. Square permacast columns will be perfect in making your house design look ancient.

  6. The post is sowing houses of Veranda, have a look at it

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  7. It looks lovely. Simple yet sober and very humble!

  8. This blog did complete justice to topic’s essence.



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