Saturday, April 14, 2012

From the Artisan's Hand: Fortuny

Mention the word Fortuny and it brings to mind a man with a great gift. I have written about Mariano Fortuny before, here and here, on the subject of his paintings. It's so nice to see the Fortuny company carrying on the tradition and presenting beautiful fabrics.

Some of my favorites include:



Fortuny's powder pigments, used for his fabrics, much like the new collection below

  Colourismo collection 2012

La Sainte Chapelle church in Paris was the inspiration for the Sainte Chapelle fabric below. See the squiggle line area between the arch and the column?

Sainte Chapelle

Ashanti is a fabric named for the Ashanti tribe of Ghana, known for their weaving

Girandole is an original Fortuny pattern recovered from Mariano Fortuny’s archives in Venice.

Are you a Fortuny fan?
If so, stay tuned for THE new book on Fortuny, Fortuny Interiors, to be released in August, 2012.



  1. Dear Annie, You always bring us the best. Love Fortuni Fabrics. Happy Sunday. ox, Gina

  2. Oh wow. So lovely. I can't wait to leaf through the book!

  3. I was in the Fortuny museum in Venice last week. His studio is just dripping with fabric on the walls and his wonderful light fixtures illuminating the ceilings.



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