Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fancy Fence

Enjoy the view of the Kohl Gate at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. It was created by Albert Paley in May, 2004. The metallic-brown structure sits sixty-feet long and fifteen- feet high and is made of Cor-ten steel depicting enormous, stylized leaf shapes. The steel plantings mirror the Botanical Garden's own collections of plants native to Costa Rica and Madagascar.

The structure was created in Paley's Rochester, N.Y. studio. Paley wanted to introduce a sculpture that drew its imagery from the botanical world- reflecting the Garden's purpose.

I thought it was seriously impressive. Your thoughts?


  1. Annie:

    I find this a little rough and heavy. It isn't my favorite. But, differences are what make the world go 'round!

    Mary Anne ox

  2. Hi Annie
    Well I think it is fascinating.. it reminds me of the artwork people make from bending cutlery.. haha.. would take a lot of cutlery to make that lot..

    Have a fab week.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. i think it's amazing that any human can heat/bend/manipulate steel into curves to resemble God's beautiful creations in nature!!

  4. I live in Rochester, NY and was attending RIT when Albert was also there. I've followed his work over the years and I have to say that I think this may be one of his best works. If you saw some of what is outside his studio you would understand. I have similar kinds of pieces in my yard (not done by him but another local artist doing work more of residential scale). People enjoy sculpture and Albert Paley and his work is an asset to our community.

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