Friday, April 6, 2012

Chelsea Fringe

Every once in a while, a fabulous idea pops up that makes one take note. Here is one. 
 a growing festival of flowers, plants, gardens and gardening across London.

 Conceived by garden critic and historian, Tim Richardson, as an alternative to the [expensive, crowded] Chelsea Flower Show, the festival extends over a period of three weeks. At venues all over London, the events range from performance art to community garden events to guerilla gardening. The thought is, as long as it relates to the garden plants and the landscape, it's good!

 Did you know that Kew Gardens never buys compost for its outside spaces. It makes its own.

 Chelsea Fringe is in its first year. It is not funded and has no sponsor, but rather is entirely supported by volunteers. How cool is that?

The events run from May 19-June 10, 2012. Some events include the 'Edible High Road' in Chiswick, a 'Theatre Garden', an evening of garden-themed poetry and distribution of free herbs for stressed-out Londoners.

The Chelsea Fringe blog features lots of interesting, behind the scenes tidbits.

 I wish them a fabulous run with more than enough volunteers and great weather!

Ahem... I am hoping at least a few U.S. cities join them in 2013!

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  1. Beautiful. Love the shot of the poppies. Happy Easter darling.



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