Monday, April 9, 2012

Black, Gold & Amazing

Sneaking a peak into the current exhibition, Dandelion, at the Armel Soyer Gallery in Paris. Emmanuel Bossuet, a graphic artist with a passion for the decorative arts and the art director of EEM Agency, worked with L'Atelier d'Offard to "combine the mastery of traditional techniques with modern tools and processes."

        Bossuet chose to join floral design with the art and precision of the ornament in his wallpaper mural installation.
Working with large, square sheets rather than the conventional rolls of wallpaper, he manipulated some of them by embossing and/or painting.
Others were printed with the graphic designs and then meticulously juxtaposed. Scroll through for a good look into the process.  
The wallpaper sheets available:
Here are some of his "haute couture" busts created for another project.
  The  exhibition runs at the Armel Soyer Gallery through April 28th.  [via]

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  1. Hi Ann,
    That wall is to die for...can you imagine a great loft space with that as a feature...ummmmm. I have been reading everyday and notice many off us are subtly changing somehow in our posts funny that. All is well here just the normal dramas of life one need not write on about....I personally love the blog for escapism....hehehe. All the best, Heather



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