Thursday, March 22, 2012

That Would be Coral

Coral is one of those nebulous colors. 
Its interpretation is as different as each person who describes it.

Here are a few examples of one of my favorite colors to wear.

Coral? Dark orange? Certainly striking.

 Apricots have this wonderful shading.

Gorgeous bouquet with coral and cream. 

Moving more toward red... 

Love the dashing combo of purple and corally red.

Finishing off with a soft interpretation of coral with Coral Charm peonies. 
They start off bright coral and turn into a pale buff after three or four days. 

Are you a coral fan?



  1. Oh definitely! Coral, persimmon, call it what you want, I love it. I swoon over Farrow and Ball's "ointment" emulsion.

  2. love that first image, and the peonies. As a former florist my appreciation of peonies is immense, especially the way they change color as they open. Coral is not at all "nebulous" to me, it's a definite , committed, color range, warm and deep. From a blush rose to my mom's lipstick.

  3. Definitely! The color blend is just perfect for me and my olive complexion. I love the shade!

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