Friday, March 2, 2012

Straight from Puerto Rico

So you want to see what they actually grow on those tropical flower farms in Puerto Rico? 
We recently returned from a quick get-away in Puerto Rico, seen here, and coincidentally just finished installing a corporate party with a tropical theme.

The occasional table flowers are not really tropical, but the acacia mimosa (the little yellow balls) smell divine and paired well with the phalaenopsis orchids in their little shells.

The real stars of the show are the funky tropical flowers.  

Those white-ish spikes are actually the flowers of the coconut palm, which you can see here still on the trees. See the small coconuts beginning to form towards the bottom?

The orange flowers are banksia flowers.

The hanging flowers below are heliconia. Some have intense colors, others are... well, hairy. The hairy ones are called She-kong heliconia. They look a bit scary but are very soft to the touch.

The coconuts are farther along below.

The tropicals are not your typical flower fare, but sure are fun to see. 
OK, go ahead, I dare you to touch the She-kongs!


  1. Flowers give a place a soul, be it internal or external. In this case they provide both visual and tactile experiences. The colours of Puerto Rico resemble those of Australia's north. So vibrant.
    I would love to visit My French Folly - any time - advisably after there is a bathroom with hot and cold running water.
    Bon weekend.

  2. those tropical flower arrangements are magnificent! they look great in the large room space!! ^)^linda



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