Saturday, March 10, 2012

Raw Beauty

Appreciating the raw beauty of concrete...

Paired with a plastered wall with character, the plaster reflects the blue/gray in the concrete.

Concrete is the consummate neutral greige.

Opposites attract- silky satin, soft rose petals and raw concrete.

This is polished concrete. You'd swear it's Venetian plaster.

This cool studio in Shanghia utilizes timber-formed concrete. Once the casts were removed, traces of the timbers remained imprinted on the poured concrete. For a fascinating read on its construction by architects Archi-Union, visit here.

Notice how the balcony projects out and wraps around the branches of the existing tree?

Did you know that while concrete was often used by the ancient Romans (including for the Pantheon), following the Roman empire, it was not used until the 1700's?



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