Thursday, March 29, 2012

Palazzo Details

Lately it seems France has been on everyone's radar as far as chic-ness, cool places to visit and a generally interesting country. However, I am going to head south today and visit Palazzo Mergherita in Bernalda, Italy- to the country that holds my heart. Of course, these gorgeous rooms are in one of Francis Ford Coppola's luxury hotels, but a gal can dream, no?

Particular attention has been given to the ceilings throughout.

 Suite Four

Notice the plaid floor paired with the trellis...

A wow bath... with quite the ceiling.

  Suite Four Bath

If you want a natural feel, the stone walls are just as lovely as the painted walls in the other rooms.

Garden Suite One

Love the tiles  and an interesting color combination in this bath.

Garden Suite One Bath

Look up...

Suite Five

 Suite Six

 Suite Seven

With a killer Murano glass chandelier!

Suite Eight

And now, my favorite room:

Suite Nine

...the patterns, the floor, interesting colors...

 Even a complimentary headboard

Which is your favorite room?



  1. Wow Annie..I am dreaming along....some sumptuous rooms here and I love the peachy colour of suite 8! And that blue and white bathroom is just wonderful!


  2. I love Italy most of all. And, now this hotel. But anything Frances Ford Coppola does is wonderful, isn't it? Love you.....

  3. Which is my favorite? My God, they all are gorgeous. Thank you for this beautiful photo tour!

  4. I would be very happy with the Garden suite & bath.....just leave me a good bottle of wine,some cheese & I'd be content! :)



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