Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Latest Project

I’ve been as busy as a beaver these last few months, working on a new design project that has taken me into a different realm of the design world. Let me introduce you to

Too often in the past, when visiting friends and relatives are looking for art and design-related activities, other than word of mouth, where do they look? Presently they must plow through irrelevant, ad-filled websites with little on-target design information.  Though Cleveland has a thriving design community, it is challenging to locate the local creative talent and products. Many artists and shopkeepers are unable to afford marketing with the level of visibility needed to reach a wide range of consumers. 
We are hoping to change that with the recent launching of 
DCC is compiling a directory of Northern Ohio’s artists, shops and galleries with a focus on design. The website’s directory offers a free line item listing for local artists, designers and shopkeepers. Our calendar of art and design-related events will provide one-click reach-ability to the area’s design happenings. Our newsletter will contain interviews and behind-the-scene stories and inspirations of people who love to make things. We would also love to hear any and all ideas and suggestions that you might have- this is very much a project dedicated to bringing the community together.

I invite you to not only take a peak at Design Culture Cleveland, but also to visit its Facebook page

We have lots more planned down the road as we fill the void and facilitate the search for design treasures.
Spread the word!


  1. Annie what an excellent idea. Every city should do this!

    I hope you will come and see the feature I have on an amazing sculptor.

    Art by Karena
    The 2012 Artist Series



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