Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just Waiting...

In the small town of Bourgogne-sur-Gesse, in the southwest of France, sits a charming hotel waiting for the right buyer.
 Would he/she please step forward?

Hotel du Parc is looking for a new owner. The present owner, Madame Annie Laville, has lived here her whole life. Back in 1905, her young grandparents bought the grand private house, owned by the mayor, renovated it and opened the Hotel du Parc. Madame Laville's parents eventually took over, followed by Annie, who is now eying retirement. 

The hotel's wonderfully charming murals were painted by Antoine Barateaud, the son of a close family friend of Annie's grandfather. Antoine was wounded in World War I and after recovering was offered the chance to paint the hotel's rooms. He spent the next five years doing so, even returning decades later to paint scenes in the newly added ballroom.

 The Art Nouveau influence is evident.

Charming, to say the least.

Madame Laville gave herself one year to find a buyer. 
She is reaching the end of the year now. 
Would that we could help her out! 


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  1. Lovely! The passing of the torch, always a hard job, but it keeps the flame alive :) Your blog looks beautiful! I am sure you have been hard at work creating beautiful works XO, Kelly



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