Sunday, March 18, 2012


Gargoyle: a protruding spout. And here I thought they were merely ornamental. 

One of the favorite attractions for my husband when we travel in Europe is to check out the gargoyles. Funny, I don't often notice them at home, but when you look up in France, Italy and Spain especially, they seem to be everywhere. 

Gargoyles were used by architects to convey the water away from the building's masonry and mortar to prevent erosion. They are usually in the shape of grotesques- strange, ugly, fantastic animal forms often combined with human characteristics. They were also spread around the perimeter of the church to scare the demons away.

There is something fascinating yet slightly revolting about them.

The gargoyles from the Palais Des Papes in Avignon, France:


French pigeons from Avignon

Oops- how did they sneak in here?

 From Barcelona's Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia (the old cathedral):

Gargoyles around Sagrada Familia in Barcelona:

Lastly are the gargoyles of the Cathedral in Rouen, France:

What do you think?


  1. Yes! Revolting and demonic! I don't like them at all but they are historic, so....a necessary evil, so-so-speak???
    Lots of great images.

  2. I have a mild obsession with them and might have one on my own home one day, gorgeous pictures!

  3. In 1962 my dad brought a 6" gargoyle figure home from France. I always liked the faux gray cement patina, and recently acquired it when he downsized. It is mainly hidden away in a drawer, but comes out periodically when I want to look at it, but always ends up by creeping me out, yet reminding me of how special France was in 1962. I threaten to sell it because no one in my family likes it. I shouldn't either, considering that gargoyles look like demons.



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