Saturday, March 3, 2012

Funky Walls

For those of us who have no apparent artistic or design skills, don't give up hope. 
Create with what you can readily obtain.

French designer Gilles Jauffret's moss/stone wall is, to say the least, unusual and interesting.
I'd love to see it closeup, wouldn't you?
I can see doing this not just in a loft or studio, but most anywhere. 
I'd tuck those ends under a bit, but it's a budget-respecting alternative.

We've seen versions of this before and I still like the idea. Fun and effective.

What are some of your more unusual wall designs on a budget?



  1. Wow. I love these photos, but especially that first mossy, bulbous creation. How cool!

  2. I would love a living wall - outside.The French are the pioneers in this area.
    As always, great inspiration Annie.

  3. I dunno- I think each of these installations took at least some artistic talent and skill



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