Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Creamy White Gorgeousness

...as in magnolia. I believe this is a Magnolia Soulangiana "Barrington Belle".

We were out the other day just as the sun finally peaked out from behind the clouds and watched the blossoms open before our eyes. How did they know?

Aahhh...  spring!
Did your garden make it through the last few nights of frost?

Thank you, Cindy, at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.


  1. Wonderful shots Annie... which camera do you use? Love the clarity in your photos. :)xx

  2. Thanks, Jeanne!
    I use the most wonderful camera- the Canon Rebel T2i. Worth every penny, relatively easy to use... if I can, you can!

  3. I have always thought of magnolias as being regal flowers - perhaps because they were my grandmother's favourite. Your image are beautiful Annie. How do you insert the water mark on them?

  4. I agree, beautiful shots & the canon Rebel is a standout!

  5. Ah...the Mangonlias!!! Would love to have a tree in our garden, but..they hate lime soil.

    You always produce the most wonderful flowering images!!!


  6. Oh! what a beauty. I bought myself a magnolia today, and I suspect it might be a 'B Belle'. Time will show. Will choose a spot for it tomorrow, and then wait for a year or three to se flowers. How tall was the magnolia you took the pictures of?

    Love your blog, by the way. Flowers, food and other "wonderfullnesses". Nice :-)

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