Friday, March 23, 2012

Congrats, Sandra!

A hearty Congratulations goes to an artist whom I have admired for a long time, 
Sandra's work just received a TOP JOB award, given out yearly by the magazine, American Painting Contractor.
(Garay Artisans won a TOP JOB award the previous two years.)

 Is this ceiling amazing or what!

Sandra, the owner of Artistic Walls by Sandra, designed many projects in the client's home, ranging from faux bois finishes to "leather" walls to a gorgeous "stained glass" ceiling. Her studies at the Van Der Kelen School of Decorative Arts in Brussels, her many years of experience and her continuing educational studies of the latest products in the decorative painting world all stood her in good stead.

APC's article on Sandra takes the reader through many of the steps that were necessary to achieve such beauty.

The foyer's 20-foot high ceiling became an observatory window inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. 

 The taping of the "truss system"

The "copper" is being applied to the truss

The "glass" is installed painted

Here is another of the increible ceilings that Sandra painted- a stained glass ceiling. Wow!

This beautiful wood door is actually a metal door transformed by the process of faux bois, or an artist's painted imitation of wood. 

Faux bois was also used to transform the original poorly stained finish of the carved mantel and lion columns into lovely cherry.

The "leather" walls nicely compliment the observatory ceiling.

To read the whole article in detail and be amazed, click here.

As a decorative painter myself, I know the many hours of preparation and installation that it requires. 
I am so excited and proud that Sandra's achievements have been recognized!


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  1. i've never seen a 'stained glass' ceiling!! quite awesome!! amazing talent & creativity!



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