Sunday, March 4, 2012

Charming Paris

Aren't these the most precious vignettes of Paris? I just discovered this series of oil paintings by Paul Ferney named Little Paris Paintings.

Paul and his wife, Jordan (who blogs at Oh Happy Day), moved with their two little boys last year from San Francisco to Paris for a year. How fun is that- quite a bold move, but why not?

Little Paris Paintings are of the scenes that Paul passes by daily. 
Moments of life caught in luscious colors. 

Be sure to check out Paul's other works, here, too.



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  2. Another great find Annie. Love the oils and the Happy Days blog. When are you and I going to meet up in France?
    Bonne semaine et bisous.

  3. beautiful oils!! those flowers looked as if i could touch the oils on my screen!!! ^)^linda



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