Thursday, February 2, 2012

Walls of Paper

Walls of torn paper and repurposed wood. An irreverent and creative outlook. 
Architect Jeremy Barbour of Tacklebox has an impressive project list.

Saipua's walls of gorgeous, recycled silver barn wood make for a beautiful backdrop for Sarah Ryhanen's flowers and Susan Ryhanen's olive oil based soaps. 
Follow along at Sarah's blog- her floral arrangements are gorgeous and her outlook is witty, occasionally moody and honest. 
Saipua is located at
147 Van Dyke Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

Last fall Aesop, the famed Australian maker of skin care products, opened up a stand alone shop on Elizabeth Street in NYC. TACKLEBOX's wall design made use of 2,800 New York Times newspapers which were hand-torn into 400,000 strips, pressed and stacked like bricks to create the walls. 

I love their depth and texture. 
They will eventually fade with age, turning into a light tan.

So cool!

Aesop Nolita
232 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012



  1. Amazing. And thank you for intriducing me to Saipua. Beautiful.

  2. My first response was "amazing" then I scrolled down to find La Maison Boheme had the same response! You are a wonderful resource Annie.



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