Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pretty Wild

Imagine designing and living in your Paris atelier. The apartment is 17th century, the decor is a fusion of color over the years. 
Philippe Model, the exalted milliner to the stars and famed shoe designer, has gradually transformed what was originally two homes into his now atelier, showroom and photo studio.
Did I mention that he likes color?

The foyer is now used as a dining room. The funky pink wall was painted for a photo shoot.

The toile wallpaper was scraped back, exposing the original paneling. The love of details is evident in every room.

The color combinations are unusual, to say the least. It's fun to look closely to discern the layers of color.

I would have never guessed that I would like so many bright shades of green in one place, but it looks great here, offset by the light, carved stone fireplace.

Greys, greens and blues mix calmly.

Wow- mauve, purple, blue, green... for a now completed photo shoot. Why not?

It appears that this bright lemon corner is actually the most sedate area in the room.

The distressed patinas mix wildly! 

Instead of spending huge sums to restore the apartment's paneling, plaster and floors, Model decided to use his paint skills and rework the rooms as he went along. 
Color has certainly made a comeback here!


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  1. I have friends who love this look, but to me it looks like a disaster which needs cleaning up, especially the dining table(s). Don't be upset, you know it's not an insult to you at all...just a comment on how people love opposite things. xx's



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