Sunday, February 26, 2012

Old San Juan

We just returned from a quick get-away in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My brother lives in Ponce (on the Southern coast), but family members have a condo in San Juan, right on the beach, where we had the privilege of staying and unwinding for a few days. One of our favorite things to do is to wander the old town area of San Juan, with its softly colorful buildings and beautiful iron details.
 A very typical scene- definitely a tropical setting

The governor's mansion

Love this mint green!

More pastel colors. Can you spot the huge cruise ship in the background?

One of San Juan's forts at the edge of the sea

 Not sure who this is, but he and the little girl below sure have a great patina!

Lovely iron sconces on this blue-grey building

Puerto Rico is not a very wealthy country. I think the country is beautiful, but its citizens do not quite seem to realize that it will be tourism that pulls them up. While it physically has lots going for it, I'd love to see it prosper more with hard work and focus. 

Tomorrow I'll take you into the countryside a bit... its interior is spectacular and is where the hubs purchases his fabulous tropical flowers and funky greens.


  1. Just beautiful - great photo opportunities. I have never been to Puerto Rico or this region of the world so I am looking forward to your next post!
    Travel safely. Bisous

  2. Smitten by this architecture beauties, San Juan is really a great place to have a tour aside from the warm weather and great foods.
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  3. beautiful scenes you are lucky to have in your memories!! ^)^linda



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