Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Doldrums Break: Giverny

I had been holding off sharing my photos of our ever so inspiring trip to Giverny last fall, waiting for the right moment. It is here! We all need a break from the winter greys and there can be no better way to kick those greys than to stroll the grounds that Claude Monet walked every day.

It was every bit as colorful as you might have imagined it. I had always wondered just exactly what color that pink was. You cannot see much of it from the front of the house, but this view of the back shows the home at its best color.  As we saw often in France, literally the back wall of the house is directly on the street.

It was almost impossible to take photos without hoards of people surrounding you. While Monet's home is very public now, other than restricting visitors, I don't know how else they can handle it. 

When you arrive at the property, you have little choice with your route. But, what a route it is, strolling through the various "rooms" of the estate and catching the familiar looking glimpses that you've seen in the postcards and books. 

It must be quite humbling to work in the gardens- the actual soil that Monet so beautifully painted. It takes a large team of dedicated workers to keep this huge garden in a constant blooming mode.

The trellises are all here, their green color vibrant.

The water lilies, the willow trees...

the vibrant colors of the flowers. Tomorrow I'll cover the flowers close up.

 Quite amazing, really. Makes you want to get out that easel...


  1. Wow, amazing pictures! They are so beautiful! Looks like a great trip.
    - Jill

  2. Beautiful photographs, Annie. I have always loved the Nasturtiums growing into the walkways.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Definitely a great source of inspiration...



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