Monday, February 27, 2012

Between the Water and the Flowers

in Puerto Rico, it would be hard to say which was more amazing...

What do you think?

As with most tropical islands, the water's color was intense- in a pretty way. The shades went from deep blue to aquamarine to various blue/greens. Talk about inspiring...

My favorite- a natural color gradient in the sea.

The interior portion of Puerto Rico is largely forested hills. In the midst of the narrow, winding roads up into the jungle, there are tropical flower farms that manage to grow amazing foliage and flowers. The folks who work these farms are devoted to their land and have to love what they do- it's hard work.

I apologize- I do not know the correct names of most of the flowers and plants.

Date palm

Date palm, close-up

Tree fern frond about to unfurl

Tree fern from below

Coconut palm

Flower of the coconut palm


Coconut palm's own fireworks!

I felt so fortunate to have seen nature in such a manner, 
so totally different from what I normally see. 

Thanks, Liz, for your link-up party at Fresh Cut Friday!


  1. Amazing pictures Ann, and look how well the date palm matches your blog!!

  2. This is a lovely post and your pictures are beautiful. I'm so glad that you decided to add your link to the Fresh-Cut Friday Party. I hope you consider sharing my link back to
    Fresh-Cut Friday so that your readers may find more lovely posts.


  3. Nature's beauty (and ferocity) never cease to amaze me.
    E XXX

  4. I found your blog through Fresh-Cut Friday!
    Your photography is stunning, you share a beautiful eye for detail. I love your pictures!!!
    Hugs Rosemary...

  5. Hello! I am linking from Fresh Cut Friday. Your photography is stunning. What a paradise! :D

  6. Lovely photos. Just like to put you right with the mangoes. They are not mangoes, they are pawpaw.



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