Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ball Masque Anyone?

With Carnival season in full swing and Mardi Gras on Tuesday, February 21st, New Orleans is gearing up for the annual parades (here is the schedule). It's always an exciting time to visit!

Here in Cleveland, we were just treated to a fabulous exhibit of Ball Masque invitations and posters from the '20s era at the Cleveland Public Library, our gorgeous main library downtown (more to come this weekend). The exhibit celebrated the 100th anniversary of The Kokoon Arts Klub, the rather controversial group of artists who embraced the new Modernist movement.

The Ball Masques were held as yearly fundraisers and were strict with their admittance: the costumes had to be created at home (no rentals allowed) and folks were turned away at the door if their costumes weren't historically accurate and in keeping with the theme.

Local hotels, dance halls, and auditoriums were transformed into glowing caverns with extensive decorations. 

The group started "Artist Curb Markets" which became a place for the "Kokooners" and other artists to sell their works during the Depression. The first Artist Curb Market was held in 1932, with 12,000 people attending and shopping.

Enjoy the art show!

Aren't these amazing?

A big Thank You the the Cleveland Public Library staff for a wonderful display! 
Your hard work and dedication shines through!


  1. My DEAR ANN Thankyou SOO much for your very kind words >Im not leaving the planet so I do hope that you may write from time to time .
    that was an amazing collection today .
    so back to the note books ! Lots of love fay xxx

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