Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Winter We Didn't Have

How about a winter treat? 

Because we in the U.S. are experiencing a winter that is really more winspring, it's not been possible to fill the slightly sunken area in the backyard with water and watch it freeze into a mini ice rink. Was that a sport of yesteryear? 

However, as my Dutch husband pointed out, this year Holland (and much of Eastern Europe) has been on the cold side and their ponds and lakes and canals have frozen over to provide ice skating galore.

Pieter relates to me that when he was growing up, it was just what you did when you were three or four- your parents strapped on the ice blades, brought you out to the canal with a small chair and you began to learn:

Of course, when you were too tired, you'd rest!

Apparently, it was very unusual not to know how to skate. And because they get very little snow, with the land being so flat, the ice becomes like glass.

What a wonderful custom! 
And so beautiful.

Do you remember those days of being a child and playing outdoors (and not in front of a computer screen)?



  1. oh how i loved this post, see my grandmothers heritage and bemoaning our "winspring"

    didn't winter seem like an endless playground of ice skating, massive icicles and great mounds of snow? or were they little mounds and loomed large to a child?
    either way, missing winters magic

  2. I really hope that old man winter makes up for what I call a lost season. I would love to have a major storm. We travel every weekend to ski and this makes year 6 for us. We all love the time skiing and re-uniting for meals and visiting with all the same people who this is not only a sport but a way of life.



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