Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Remember this?

In the spirit of following through with de-cluttering our home, I have been digging through the magazine piles that have accumulated and it is almost as fun as going through old family photos! Lots of cringing, a few laughs and much tearing out of pages (I know, I know....).

I just had to share a few with you. 

One of my favorite magazines of old was Traditional Home's Decorator Showhouse. I think it was printed quarterly (or was it biannually?). The Spring 2001 issue has been safely tucked away now for over 10 years, but it is now resurfacing for a bow.

I always loved this room designed by Barry Dixon for Diane Sawyer in the 2000 Traditional Home Built for Women Showhouse. While the wall finish is a bit dark and heavy for my taste now, I still like it and can definitely see it modified for today's decor.

I think the hanging frame/screen is a brilliant idea. A semi-sheer fabric stretched in the frame and you've got quite a statement.

And what a cool way to house the books... I need to figure this out for my own home.

Further on are ceramic tiles laid out on the floor to create a mosaic area rug designed by New York City designer, Kitty Hawks.

Check out this perfect lacquered wall finish that Mario Buatta included in his Showhouse design for Barbara Walters. Deep glazed plum- Hello Miles Redd!

What are some of your favorite no-longer-exist magazines?



  1. Brilliant book columns! If you create these, please share! I have many decor mags from '01 & '03, and every once in awhile find a gem that belies time. And then, there are pages and pages of mauve or ocre sponge-painted walls that make me giggle.

    Thank you for sharing these images.

  2. This was a treat. What a great choice for the cover too. I'm still missing Southern Accents.

  3. well, I am still clutching my copy! I loved the same things you did-the screen and those fabulous rotating columns that doubled as book shelves...tried to find a place to do this and never have! I sorely miss Southern Accents. We must support the ones that are left so they will not disappear as well.



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