Tuesday, January 3, 2012


One of my favorite ways to add a design element into a room is to add a framed panel. It can range from simple to ornate, from an illusion to intricately carved. 
Here are Swedish versions as seen in this manor built in the 1780's. 

The framed panel can hold a painting or be painted. Or both.

How about wallpapered?

Outlining the frame adds a tailored element.

Pascal Amblard, the fabulously talented French artist, recently painted these panels in an early XVIIIth century castle. While they seem relatively simple, they are, in fact, delicate and perfectly proportioned.

Visit his blog, Demeures Peintes, here to see his description.

Just gorgeous!

This Russian version boasts a vibrant color.

In Florence's Palazzo Pucci, the plasterwork in the Wedgewood Room is ornate, the color combination one of my favorites.

The illusion of panels in this bathroom was created with different marbles. 
Stunningly sophisticated.

To create a paneled frame in your own home, visit Beaux-Artes for a wonderful collection of French wall panels and a video on their installation. They will even hand paint a canvas for the panel's center, as seen here.
Also, their blog, Classical Addiction, is a fascinating read.

Do you have any framed panels in your own home?


  1. Hi Annie. these images are all just stunning! I love panels as a decorating tool, especially when a room is lacking architecural detail and you can let your creativitiy run wild!


  2. I adore framed panels. I grew up with them in my mother's home, but don't have them in my own. They are super lovely! Perhaps you've inspired me to use some in my new design projects. Happy New Year dear blogging buddy!

  3. so Glamorous... i always loved panels -- thank you for reminding me to use in our home renovation. Love your style and blog. and thanks for following me at Garden Glamour. Cheers to a stylish 2012!

  4. Happy New Year. So glad you stopped by my virtual New Year's party, Ann!

    I love the panels and am especially fond of Swedish manor houses.

    I love your blog and see you are a fellow Little Blue Deer blog!

    I am becoming a follower and adding you to my blogroll!

    Look forward to sharing.

    Cheers to you,

  5. Thank you for including our panels in your blog. I have been following you and really enjoy your blog.

    Happy New Year,

  6. Such gorgeous rooms. Panelling is perfect for adding architecture to any space. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. So appreciated. Have a wonderful day! Phil



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