Friday, January 27, 2012

Natural Wonders

Conservation International recently revealed more than 46 new species that were discovered in southwest Suriname during a study aptly named "An Armored Catfish, a 'Cowboy Frog', and a Rainbow of Colorful Critters discovered in Southwest Suriname". We need turn no farther than Mother Nature for our inspirations and color combinations!

Even a gilded leaf beetle! 

To see the full story, click here.

I don't know about you, but our location in northern Ohio was totally covered by thick clouds for most of this week, so we missed any hope to see the extra special Aurora Borealis of 2012, special because of the sun's extraordinary activity.

Here are some photos taken in Alaska and the northern countries of Norway and Finland of those extraordinary skies.

Did any of you manage to see the Northern Lights?


  1. Nature's combination of colours and form never cease to amaze - such beautiful images.
    P.S. Apologies for not visiting sooner - I've been away from the blogsphere.


  2. These are great images of our nature. It's good to know that there are still a lot of beautiful places in the world. It is not yet late to preserve and save our environment. For as long as we live responsibly, we can maintain the appearance and beauty of our nature.

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  3. Are these for real? If they were, then they blew me away. I'm a nature lover and these photos only show that nature wants us to preserve and maintain its beauty. This place can be the best place to retreat and unwind.

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  4. Hi Annie
    I have seen the northern lights here in Norway and it was the most amazing experience you can imagine :)
    It was night and the cold was biting, but I did not notice it. Everything around me was very quiet, I was lying on my back in the snow for about 20 minutes looking at a stunning 'dance' in the most beautiful colors in the sky.
    Green, blue, purple, yellow and red. It was like the colors and the waves in the sky was laying like a cape around me - it was completely overwhelming!
    It was so touching that I started to cry, and suddenly it was all over - the northern lights disappeared and I was again surrounded by the dark night sky.
    Everything that I had seen was almost unreal, like a dream and I felt like I was in a kind of vacuum. What was true for the experience, was my own tears and the enormous feeling I had inside me.
    Fortunately, someone else had taken pictures, I had been too engrossed in the experience and forgot all about my camera.

  5. Are natural wonders such as these can be experienced in Thailand? I know I'm from US, but I'm going to stay for a year in Asia for business reasons soon. Seeing these will be of big help to relieve stress even while away from home.
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  6. These are natural wonders indeed. I hope to see one of them here in Netherlands. Anyway, my family is planning to go to Asian countries this coming month of August. I wish I could find some cheap flights to Manila & Thailand. I heard that Philippines' Palawan Underground river looks pretty amazing. WE are planning to visit that beautiful spot as well.



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