Monday, January 9, 2012

Ikat on Walls +

With the increasing Moroccan influence in the design world, we've seen lots of Ikat and Suzani accessories and even painted floors. What we haven't often seen is Ikat on the walls... until now. The latest issue of Veranda offers several charming examples.

The Ikat pattern on the walls here were actually hand-painted by the uber talented artist, Nicola Vigini, to resemble Ikat fabric. What a great idea! For those of us who are not quite that talented, consider stenciling instead. With the added bonus of choosing your own colors, not to mention being able to paint right over it down the road instead of removing the wallpaper (ugh... not a fun experience), the possibilities are endless. Check out these great Ikat/Suzani/Moroccan stencils at Royal Design Studio, Modello Designs, Cutting Edge Stencils and the Etsy shop, Olive Leaf Stencils.

(OK- I love that chandelier!)

For this wall below, here with fabric providing the Ikat design, it could easily be done with a stencil.

Melanie Royals, at Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs, has been doing the Moroccan/Suzani style for more than a few years now and offers some fabulous inspirations at her blog, Design Amour. Here she showcases her stencil line in a tent pavilion entirely covered with the various patterns. 

Melanie has made four trips with students to Peacock Pavilions to hand stencil the floors and ceilings of this amazing inn in Morocco, run by Maryam and Chris. Some of the projects follow...

Design stenciled on canvas which then gets hung on the wall.

What say you? Are you a lover of Moroccan design?


  1. Hi Annie. I sure love these desighns. That first iamge is quite amazing and the colours just wonderful. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my blog! I appreciate it so much!


    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  2. Hi Annie, Love the Moroccan designs. We stayed at the Peacock Pavilions last year...the Modello designs are even more spectacular when you see them in person. Morocco is one of only a few exotic places in the world that is safe to visit. Go there before things change.

  3. What a great post! I read this article in Veranda just yesteray. The walls are stunning...they mentioned the meticulous hand painting but was disappointed the designer didn't give credit to the decorative painter.
    I am a decorative artist and interior designer I have always been credited in plublications for paint work I have done for other design firms. I totally get that they would like any and all additional work the decorative artist may get from the published article...but feel they should have given credit where credit was due. As a decorative artist yes, this can easily be achieved with stencils and you supplied some great stencil firms who have wonderful designs...thanks for the great post.

  4. Nice to meet you, Donna.
    I totally agree with you- Veranda rarely gives credit to the artists and I don't agree with that. It is the first thing I look for when I read an article as I love to give the credit where it is due.

  5. I ADORE all the patterns, ecpecially when layered and used together. Go Morocco! Great post!

  6. I love Moroccan designs, particularly their tiles and grille work.

  7. Great post Ann! Nicola's wok is so nice. Hopefully the decorator will get him recommendations from the article.

  8. Thanks, Theresa, for the heads up.
    Nicola deserves the recognition!

  9. I do love the influences of Moroccan design historically-while I love the textiles and the tiles and walls I'm not a fan of the walls in the Veranda rooms-too much and to rigid. The paint here at least in its appearance in pictures does not have the irregularity of a true Ikat, while Melanie's work has that and it works beautifully. pgt

  10. Somehow, we missed this when it was first posted. Ikat and Moroccan design are an almost endless source of inspiration. This work is beautiful. Thank you so much for giving credit to the artisans. As a wall finish company, our work has been published in many shelter mags, and we almost never are given credit. As bloggers, we try to track down other producers and artisans where we can, to give credit where credit is due.
    Thanks again for a great post!



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