Thursday, January 5, 2012

Collaborative Efforts: Salt Water Farm

Tempting right about now, no?

One of our favorite gifts for one another is to take a class together. It is so much fun not being the one in charge, meeting new people and learning from them. Before the holidays I ran across this article in Afar on Salt Water Farm in Maine and was just fascinated by their entire offerings.

Located about four hours north of Boston, along the coast in Lincolnville, Maine, Salt Water Farm sits on seventeen acres overlooking the ocean. It is a school for culinary and farm arts, founded a few years ago by Annemarie Ahearn and sous chef, Ladleah Dunn, who are dedicated to using truly local ingredients (most from the farm itself) and seasonal cuisine. 

The barn has been transformed into a professional demonstration kitchen, equipped with a wood-burning brick oven, an open hearth for roasting and various sausage and pasta makers. For the classes and workshops offered throughout the year, everyone troups out to the garden to survey what to pick and pluck and snip for that day's meal lesson and preparation. 

The teachers use the "hands dirty" approach, guiding students on how to roll the piecrust or bone the chicken or knead the bread.

After the meal prep is complete, your reward is to sit down with your fellow compatriots / new friends and enjoy the offerings. I could definitely get into that!
Click here to see their current class schedule.

What a wonderful way to honor my resolve to grow more food at home and use our little patch of earth to its fullest.
Honestly, it is inspiring me to even consider a mother -daughter class. 
Anyone want to join us?


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  1. Trust me you will love that class! We grow our own vegetables and what we don't grow we buy at a local farm. We get all fresh beef, pork, chicken, eggs and lamb from our neighbor. There is nothing like eating fresh from the earth. And Maine is gorgeous too but wait until spring when it thaws out.



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