Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cheers to Color

I could use a bit of color right about now. 
Here's to the use of color in 2012!

The Open Window by Pierre Bonnard
Oil on canvas 1921

No one does it better than Pierre Bonnard and his striking use of color. The Open Window was painted in Vernon, a charming town in northern France located on the banks of the Seine River.  

Are you partial to color or sticking with the whites and greys of the past few years?


  1. Hi Annie, I appreciate and admire the cool greys and whites but I am always drawn to color first and foremost. I especially like the colors in the Bonnard painting...the lavender blues and oranges, yellows and fuchsias are sensational.

  2. I still pant after images of the greys and whites too...but my own home is filled with color and probably always will be. Fabulous painting.

  3. A wonderful painting.I love colour, but my personality sits better with whites and greys with splashes of colour in the decoration. However, I was brought p in a Victorian house in which Mother used colour skilfully - it was her talent and personality, but unfortunately not mine.

  4. Hi Ann the painting certainly brings a happy smile
    Ive had strong colours in years gone by and enjoyed and blacks and greys and also a white phase ! but im currently enjoying soft ancient pastels!! with plenty of mirrors
    Fay xx

  5. I like color and lots of it but since I work in a riot of color everyday I want my home more subtle with touches of color. I can get bogged down with to much color coming at me so quiet tones in my home.

    Enjoy your evening!



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