Monday, January 16, 2012

Capital Collection

For anyone who appreciates classical plaster ornaments, a visit to Aynhoe Park is in order. I thought before virtually leaving Britain that we could peek into this 17th century Paladian mansion in the Oxfordshire countryside. I first became aware of this collection of plaster casts when I spotted the acanthus leaf flower ornaments here.

Aynhoe Park's present owner, James Perkins, began collecting classical plaster casts as young man. It has now grown into an impressive collection which is considered the largest in the world. He purchased Aynhoe Park during a fire sale and began renovations in 2004. The building had been turned into 28 flats, with the interior covered with glossy paint and no character.

Architectural fragments, columns and capitals, statues... they are all here.

Farrow and Ball paints were used throughout the house in knocked back stone colors to allow the collection to take center stage.

A twelve foot, 19th century cast of Athena

The gorgeous acanthus leaf flower ornaments

Mr. Perkins' private suite of rooms:

Aynhoe Park is open to tourists, designers and private collectors. 
It is also available to rent for private parties.



  1. ooooh Ann Id love the 12 foot Athena the drapery is soooooooooo nice AND the bath of course ! you would love the Sir John Soanes Museum and the V and A gallery too can you delivre Athena please ! fay xxx

  2. This is an exquisite post - love all the photographs! Will definitely make a note to visit! Sharon

  3. I first saw this covered in World of Interiors. I could live there and be happy!

  4. Simply gorgeous!A copper bath tub has been on my wish list for some time now! Those acanthus leave ornaments are devine!!

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds



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