Thursday, January 19, 2012

About Those Lacquered Walls

The Spa in the Royal Mansour in Marrakech

Lacquered walls continue to be an enduring design element. Their beauty is unquestionable; their creation is a dedication to perfect prep work. While describing the wall preparation yesterday for the The Art of Scribbling mural, Wall Drawing #1268:Scribbles: Staircase (AKAG), seen here, I described the numerous steps that were taken to make the walls as smooth as possible. Besides the sanding and layers of skim coat plaster, the walls still need to be primed and painted with many layers of paint to obtain the smooth sheen that you see in the following examples.

The light blue color is nice to see in the world of lacquered paint finishes- dark colors are seen more often.

Kudos to the patient team who painstakingly painted these perfect cabinets.

The walls above and below are actually Venetian plaster. Instead of numerous layers of paint, most often three or four layers of plaster are skillfully applied, followed by a protective wax layer and buffing.

The lacquered, taupe door has been accented with a gold leaf trim.

A lovely shade of gunmetal blue graces this lacquered door.

Lots of texture contrasts in a Jeffrey Bilhuber designed study.

I love the way the deep aubergine high gloss walls are accented by bookcases trimmed with gold leaf.

For more information, view here.
Do you have any lacquered walls in your home? 
Are they only for the few due to their incredible amount of labor?


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  1. All totally gorgeous! But that first image is just exquiste and so my colour palette! pinned it to swoon again later!




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