Monday, December 19, 2011

A Setting for the Soul

I highly recommend visiting your local greenhouse right now. Besides all of the bright colors of the poinsettias, just breathe in the scent of soil and nature. 
Hmmm..... it does the soul good.

If you've not had the chance to pot up paperwhites yet, chances are you'll be able to locate them ready to go.

Just to see healthy, growing plants during the cold months makes me smile.


  1. Annie: I just found you and I am so glad!!! I can almost smell the fragrance of the soil and the nursery!

  2. I always liked to have a pair of "Weihnachtssterne" or a row of miniature ones in the house around Christmas, but cannot get the right colored ones here in our region, or very rarely.
    So, I do enjoy your post with the beautiful images!
    Happy week,

    By the way - the trees needs pruning normally in February (or November :) :)

  3. There is something special being connected to nature. It is definitely a 5 sense experience.Bisous.



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