Monday, December 26, 2011

Second Christmas Day

Celebrating Second Christmas Day ( as they do in Mr. B's home in the Netherlands)...

My home sure is not as neat as this gorgeous space, but I am not complaining! With all of my children and their doggies here, we are having a ball. One thing was missing, and it is very unusual for a northern Ohio winter- we have no snow! Driving was a breeze, but seeing green grass and blue skies made it feel like California instead. 

I hope you are enjoying your holidays as well!


  1. I am strangely loving those over-sized ornaments! We have the same kind of weather in New Hampshire, cold but clear and no snow. Weird not having snow on Christmas Day but I like how easy the walking is right now.

  2. There is no snow here either, in my corner of Norway - which means no snow-shovelling, no slippery pavements and no need for woolly hats and mittens: I'm loving it.




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